Still working on Cards


I’m still working on my cards and various projects. I am considering making a little ebook/coloring book. I have seen this done and I think it might be fun to draw some blanks that all you artists out there can fill up with various doodles and color. What do you think? Just a few pages for you to download and enjoy.

I’m using these projects as a form of therapy, not only mental, but physical. I deal with some pain issues and the concentration and focus on the art of doodling help to keep my focus on other than pain. I think the only thing I can’t push through at this minute is the shoulder pain from a fall I had a few months ago. Left handed, left shoulder. However, I persevere in this because I really enjoy it.

At any rate,  I am still very excited about these projects and hope you enjoy them too.



A Blogging We Will Go


Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Wanda Smith, I am currently working in a sort of traveling studio,amateur photographer,amateur artist, mother, grandmother, wife, and follower of Christ.

I owe any talent I have to my Heavenly Father. I began when I decided to  draw a new picture daily for 40 days during the Lent season and prayed for a specific person, family or group with each one . That was my beginning. My intention is to share my art and to share His blessing.

I travel with my precious husband , for his job, and my two little Maltese dogs. Our children have grown and gone. Our grandchildren live in another country , except for the oldest. She is in college this year and we are so pleased that she is nearer to us than before. I must say they are all extraordinary people. (I’m not prejudice.  Well , maybe just a little.)

I began working on doodle art serendipitously, and have been doodling for a little over a year! I can’t believe it has been that long.I’ve been blogging for less time than that.  I am not much of a writer, and I am hoping that both my art and my writing will improve as I practice these skills.  Since I started this art, I have noticed that there are many people besides me who really enjoy this type of art, both to look at and to draw. I am not a great artist , but I do enjoy what I am doing. This is the type of art you can’t get wrong, you don’t have to have any kind of teaching, unless you want it. I started out stippling, because I loved the way it looks and I just think it’s a fun form of art. I was browsing the web I came across Zentangle  and doodle sites and books…needless to say I have been hooked ever since. I love that I can start out as one thing and end up with a look that I just really like. It is a form of relaxation for me. I like the repetition and the free range of art that this becomes for me.

I’ve started to work on cards(thanks to a friends suggestion and encouragement) and drawings that are themed. Such as Christmas, angels, crosses, flowers … you get the picture ? I will share many of the photos of my work with you. If you are interested in purchasing or if you have a theme such as Christmas, birthdays, thank you, flowers, beach, you would like done, I am open to suggestion. Just send me an email and I will answer you as quickly as I can.

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Please forgive me, it seems I have begun to ramble, and so I will let this be my first blog. Please bare with me as I tweak and adjust this blog. I am a newbie.